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Hey guys! My name is Ashley Pitts and I have been a part of the Absolute Fitness family for quite a few years now! I began my journey with Absolute Fitness after a Zumba Fitness Party In Pink fundraiser we had, late October in 2010. I had been teaching classes at a local church, and through the grapevine, Dawn found me and the rest is history!

I have been into athletics and sports from a very young age. I began playing tee ball at the age of 5 and just continued to grow from there. I was a very active student athlete from West End High School, where I played, volleyball, basketball, softball and was also a cheerleader. I continued my knowledge of athletics as the volleyball manager, under Coach Angie Sanders and Coach Connie Clark, for 2 years at GSCC. During my time there, I fell even more in love with the fitness aspect of sports, as well as the coaching aspect. I began coaching club volleyball at the age of 19, for our local volleyball club, GVC. From there, I went on to coach 2 season at Gadsden City High School, and helped out with camps for other surrounding schools.

During all of this, I found the love of my life, at the time… Zumba Fitness! I was completed captivated by the music and rhythm of the beats, that I literally jumped in class one day, and registered to get my license the next! I have been teaching Zumba Fitness, in general, since May 2010, and the love has never faded. You can definitely say the rhythm runs through my veins. During this time at the gym, we were introducing a few new classes and class types, and one of those classes that quickly became a favorite, was RIPPED. I had always been in love with the concept of weightlifting, but this class really sparked the flame, that quickly took over. From RIPPED, I went on to test the waters of Crossfit, which grew my love for weightlifting even more and led me to obtaining my CF-L1 Certification. The concept of coaching Crossfit was that of coaching my teams and that grew my love for the sport. From Crossfit, I journeyed to Olympic Weightlifting, which has now become my passion and favorite form of competition. I am currently training with a coach from Atlanta, GA, to prepare for local meets, that will hopefully lead to a national platform!

During my time away from the gym, I am a full time hairstylist in downtown Gadsden. I love, love, love my job as a stylist, and I feel coaching, adults and children alike, has helped me enjoy my job even more, and has helped me in relation to my clients. Along with the salon, I am still coaching volleyball with GVC and loving every second of it. I have my high school coaches, especially Coach Clark, to thank for a lot of things in life, but most importantly, helping mold the person I am today, because without her guidance and constant push, I don’t think I would have the same drive and work ethic, in my passions and day to day life.

In my off time, which is definitely much needed, I spend time taking short road trips to different festivals, whether it be food or music, with dear friends and occasionally my 2 fur babies, Moxie and Sunny. I am also a concert junkie and will, randomly and spontaneously, purchase tickets last minute and road trip for that, as well! If it has anything to do with food and/or music, you can be certain, I’ll be there!

I love my Absolute Fitness family and I am looking forward to meeting all of our new members and continuing my years with the returning ones. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for myself, and Absolute Fitness, and I would love to grow along with you! I hope to see you guys in a class soon!