Being an athletic adolescent, I was always amazed by the bodybuilders on television. Thereafter, I was inspired to change my physique and set personal goals for more muscle development and success within the competition realm. Instead of wasting time reading bias magazine articles or listening to someone in a gym without formal and specific education in this field, I decided to take a more efficient approach and educate myself. As my clout in the world of bodybuilding grew to a national level, I began being approached by potential clients with their fitness goals, and for that, I was humbled. I have dedicated countless hours making a career from sharing my training experiences with others while also encouraging them to incorporate every component of fitness into a balanced lifestyle.

Tailoring exercise, nutrition, injury rehab programs, and one-on-one private training has been the primary occupier of my time over the past decade. Catering from the athletic to the geriatric, my wellness programs have been designed for a wide range of individuals. In addition, my Physical Therapist Technician skills, guest speaking opportunities and training seminars have created a well-rounded competence in the world of fitness.

My job as a personal trainer is to help my clients get the results they want while maintaining proper health. I listen to my clients, understand their needs, and enjoy setting attainable goals which will keep them motivated to make fitness a lifestyle.