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Elizabeth Wilson

Elizabeth Wilson

My fitness journey began in 1990. I was a young mom of two busy little boys, but my weight zapped my energy. I decided to make a change by eating clean and exercising (easy to say/hard to do!). Over the course of 15 months, I lost 100 lbs and developed a love for fitness that continues to grow. I attained a Group Fitness certification through AFAA, and have since been certified to teach indoor cycling, yoga and Pilates. To me, fitness is exciting! It not only changes us on the outside, but most importantly on the inside.

I’m so thankful to have mentors who encourage and inspire me. My mom (currently 84) was a runner and is still an avid cyclist. Also my amazing running husband, Mark (yep, the guy behind the desk at AF!)

As for my day job, I’m a manager at Gadsden Outfitters. It’s the perfect job for me because I’m a little bit of a runner but I’m an avid road cyclist. Last year I completed my first Century (100 mile) event! I’m mom to three and grandmother to one. I play the piano, enjoy cooking and love being involved at Church of the Highlands.

Join me for a ride in Spin class or strike a pose with me in yoga. We’ll get stronger and have a blast doing it!