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Phyllis Robertson

Phyllis Robertson

My name is Phyllis Robertson. I’m      married to my husband Mike. We have 2 children Alex and Brad and I have two grandchildren Mazely and Jax.  I work at Hokes Bluff Middle School.

I started teaching group fitness at in 1993 and joined the Absolute family in 2015.

I’ve taught Reebok Step, Power Pump, Water Aerobics, Classic Senior Aerobics, Body Sculpt, Zumba, Spin and Spin Fusion.

I am AFAA Primary Group certified, Schwinn & Precision Cycling certified, ICG Cycling certified and Zumba certified.

I teach Spin and Spin Fusion at 5:15a.m. For some people, waking up earlier may be an inconvenience…but it’s also a great way to get a workout in before your day has begun. Early classes were great for me when my kids were playing school sports and it was getting harder to teach the afternoon classes. Now, I just love getting up and teaching…If exercise is important to you…you will find a way even if it’s 5:15a.m.

Come SPIN the morning with us.