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Personal Training


Personal Training at Absolute Fitness is affordable for EVERYONE. Whether you are taking your fitness to the next level or simply need to add more activity in to your life, we have an option for you. From individualized one-on-one   sessions to group training sessions with specific focus  – weight loss, strength building, cardiovascular endurance and more – we want to help you get in the best shape of your life.

Individual One-On-One Sessions

For the client that needs or desires a completely focused training experience with individualized goals. Full assessment, goal setting, nutritional counseling and body measurements may be included. The fastest way to reach your personal best! 

Couples, Friends and Small Group Sessions 

Participants will enjoy the feeling of an individual session but with 2-3 additional clients all going through the same workout together. This type of session is great for those that need more motivation or have specific goals to work toward without the individual session price tag.