Alan Cosby

In May of 2016 on Memorial Day Al walked to the mailbox and could not take a breath. Knowing something was wrong he drove
himself to the emergency room and after testing showed 3 blocked arteries, he would immediately need open heart surgery. Al
had surgery on Thursday and by Monday with Fran by his side he assured his doctors that he would make a complete lifestyle
change and change his unhealthy habits of eating bad foods and drinking. Al says “Exercise and diet go together and Exercise
is not negotiable.”
We love to hear from Al and Fran when they said “the motivation we find at Absolute Fitness is Incredible…we can’t wait to get
here. We do not dread coming to the gym. You actually care about your members.”

Al has lost a total of 115 pounds and Fran works out with trainer Stacey Garmon who works on improving balance, strength and
keeping her toned through functional training. They both are thriving and are very dedicated to their new lifestyle and have even
created a cookbook “From Our Kitchen – Heart Healthy Recipes”

I began APT classes in October of 2016 and this quickly became a regular part of my week. I had participated in various classes
before as well as done workouts on the elliptical and other machines. While doing these activities I never got lasting results until I
began with APT.
I have always considered myself active as I have officiating high and college basketball for over 25 years. Over the years I had
gained a few unneeded pounds and could never really get them to come off until starting APT. When I began APT I quickly
realized that I wasn’t in as good of shape as I thought. I was 46 at the time and thought I could still do everything like I was 18
again. As I got into APT I began to see a difference in my strength and my flexibility. Most importantly I began to see those
extra pounds come off.
Around Thanksgiving of 2016 I realized how much APT was helping me and I made a commitment to attend at least twice per
week. Since that time the results have been outstanding. Along with APT, I attended other classes such as Strong and spin. Both
of these added to the results that I was experiencing. Along with exercise, I began to become conscious of my diet as I wanted
experience maximum results.
When I officiate games I can now move much better with around 15 pounds that are now gone. Overall, I feel the best that I have
ever felt as a now 47 year old. Many people have commented on the weight that I have lost and this makes me want to work
harder. My pants don’t fit as snugly now and have to tighten my belt a little more which is an awesome feeling! APT and the other
classes have helped me to do this.
Ryan Condy, Amanda Martinez and the other instructors are all amazing! They have been a great help and encouragement.
I would recommended APT and the other classes to others. It only takes a commitment of a little time however the benefits will
far outweigh the time spent!