Lane Sitz

Once clocking in at 470 pounds, Lane Sitz of Gadsden used a combination of exercise, surgery and
lifestyle changes to lose 250 pounds.

In 2014, Lane Sitz was 40 years old, working at an unfulfilling job. He weighed a staggering 470 pounds.
The Gadsden resident had struggled with his weight since he was a child.
"If you name the diet, I have probably gone through it," he said. "I've spent thousands of dollars to lose
the weight, but I would simply lose it and regain it all over again."
His weight fluctuated into adulthood as he tried diet after diet. When his mother died, he gained an
additional 100 pounds on top of the 350 he already weighed.
"I felt miserable and found it difficult to complete simple tasks such as tying my shoes or putting on a
seatbelt in the car, or even taking a shower," he said. "I didn't want to die young and I knew I needed to
make a serious change if I wanted to get healthy."

Everything – from work to vacation – was difficult and taxing.

"I was tired of having to be restricted in everything I did, including but not limited to clothes shopping,"
said Sitz, who at that time wore pants with a size 60 waist. "I always knew I was not meant to be an
overweight man. Something screamed in me daily for a change."

For over 3 years I was a member of a beginner gym. I was not being challenged at all in my workouts.  I
felt it was time to find a new home to workout in. After coming and using a day pass at a Absolute I was
sold!  This gym and its staff has given me the challenge that I needed to get to the next level!  I am doing
things that I never thought I would be able to do!  I am so grateful to have access to a place that has
helped to completely change me!
Absolute Fitness, you’re the best!!

Now Lane weighs 220 pounds and feels like a brand new man!!