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Ronnie Watkins

I am 63 years old and have been consistently involved in fitness and fitness clubs for the last 30 years. No doubt the more we
age, the more important a structured fitness plan benefits us.  I consider myself a disciplined person that has worked out with
and without a trainer for over 30 years.  I see more value now than as a younger guy.  Keeping physically fit really does provide a
better life style.
Through the years I have had several trainers some really good and some just so-so.  Without question the best fitness trainer
I have ever had is Jeffery Washington. Jeffery and I are now going on our 3 rd  year working together.   He understands the
muscles and after he works with you a few times understands you.  He is good at getting rid of the “I can’t” in my mind replacing

with the “I can” do it attitude.  I would say he is easy but hard.  Easy to convince you to work to improve and hard enough
to push for really great results in improving my physical lifestyle.
In September of 2013 I had unexpected open heart surgery, no heart attack, no chest pain but just an abnormal stress test along
with a cardiogram that revealed that I had 3 blocked arteries and the surgeon just hours later operated.  The good news my
heart was really in good shape. (Due to years of being physically active.)
During that time I lost 25 pounds mostly muscle.  Physically weakened but mentally strong there was never any doubt I would
return stronger than ever. I knew the importance of being in shape and having a knowledgeable trainer in Jeffery.  Within 3
months after that surgery I quickly gained my strength back and today I am stronger have better cardio endurance than I have
had in years due to the recovery plan he put me on.  As disciplined as I think I am I know there is no way that I would be in
the shape I am in before and after surgery without “coaching” from a fitness expert like Jeffery.  I recommend Jeffery to
all my friends and my daughter Lauren trains with Jeffery as a member here at Absolute.
Prior to him coming I would train where he was before (Even though I was a member at Absolute.)  Now I have the best of both
worlds! A professional trainer that really knows what he is doing along with one of the nicest fitness facilities I have been in.
When you come in the door all the staff is so friendly with a smile and a welcome greeting.  Paul the man who sees that
everything is all clean does a really great job.  The facility is well lighted, the equipment is 1 st  class!  That makes a big difference
on my mind and my muscles when the machines flow freely, smoothly maximizing my work-out and the entire facility is sparkling
clean! Wow!
Every member I have met here seems to feel just like I do.  I try to make Absolute Fitness the 1 st part of my morning 5 days a
week with the enthusiasm of both employees and members they set the tone and gives me that feel good attitude that carries me
throughout the rest of day!