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Christi Robinson

Thank you so much for the tour yesterday!  I knew I would know a few of the trainers and instructors.  But I was glad to see that I knew some of the members as well!  I’m going to love it there!  I was just planning to join got the cold months so I could get some cross-training plus have a climate-controlled running environment.  But, I was so impressed with the facility and all you guys offer that I took the one-year membership.  There is really nothing you don’t have!  Thank you again.

Lauren Holt

Words from member Lauren Holt ~ My fitness journey started as a young girl. Since the age of ten, I played sports all year
round– basketball for 11 consistent months every year, softball, volleyball, and track/ cross country (my favorite) began at the
age of 14 as a means to improve in the off-season. Needless to say, these sports fueled my competitive spirit and engrained in
me a desire to be active and continuously improve myself.  Now fast forward to my early 30s, and at 32, I have found my "grown
up" sport, Absolute Performance Training. I never gave up running, even after college. Road races of all distances kept my focus
and fulfilled my desires to be both competitive and active. However, when Absolute Fitness began its Performance Training
journey in February of 2013 , I joined as a means to cross train and hopefully improve my running times. Little did I know that
APT would change my vision of fitness and understanding of competitiveness.
APT helped improve my 5k, 10k,  and half marathon times. By only running 2-3 days a week, maybe 12-15 miles a week, I
shaved 2 minutes off my 5k, 3 minutes off my 10k, and 5 minutes off my half marathon– BY RUNNING LESS!!!!! What the
numbers don't tell is of my journey in accomplishing these goals. In APT, I always had cheerleaders. I always had a friend
pushing me harder, encouraging me more, day in and day out, every day of the week.  My gym friends supported me and
pushed me beyond my comfort zone. They came to the races, sent motivating messages on race day,  and always checked on
me afterwards to see how I did and how I felt.  It was a team effort.
Not long into my APT journey, Brandi Martin persuaded me and several other gym friends to try an obstacle race (mud run),
something I never would have done on my own. I LOVED the asphalt. A group of us did our first mud run in St. Clair County in
March of 2013 in the 30 degree rain~ and we loved it!!!! Now, I love these races as much as road races, and we all still run these
as team APT.
APT empowers women to motivate others. Everyone in APT encourages each other to push harder, to dig deeper, and to go, go,
go 100% of the time. APT brings new things ~ rope climbs, sand bags, BARBARIANS, and mud runs!!!!  It is supportive in new
and old endeavors. APT forms bonds of friendship. Where would I be without APT?!?!?!  Almost two years ago, I ventured

outside my comfort zone and found a new love and new friends. Thank you, Dawn, Teresa, Brandi, and Tiffany for seeing the
initial vision and helping make APT what it is today.

Ronnie Watkins

I am 63 years old and have been consistently involved in fitness and fitness clubs for the last 30 years. No doubt the more we
age, the more important a structured fitness plan benefits us.  I consider myself a disciplined person that has worked out with
and without a trainer for over 30 years.  I see more value now than as a younger guy.  Keeping physically fit really does provide a
better life style.
Through the years I have had several trainers some really good and some just so-so.  Without question the best fitness trainer
I have ever had is Jeffery Washington. Jeffery and I are now going on our 3 rd  year working together.   He understands the
muscles and after he works with you a few times understands you.  He is good at getting rid of the “I can’t” in my mind replacing

with the “I can” do it attitude.  I would say he is easy but hard.  Easy to convince you to work to improve and hard enough
to push for really great results in improving my physical lifestyle.
In September of 2013 I had unexpected open heart surgery, no heart attack, no chest pain but just an abnormal stress test along
with a cardiogram that revealed that I had 3 blocked arteries and the surgeon just hours later operated.  The good news my
heart was really in good shape. (Due to years of being physically active.)
During that time I lost 25 pounds mostly muscle.  Physically weakened but mentally strong there was never any doubt I would
return stronger than ever. I knew the importance of being in shape and having a knowledgeable trainer in Jeffery.  Within 3
months after that surgery I quickly gained my strength back and today I am stronger have better cardio endurance than I have
had in years due to the recovery plan he put me on.  As disciplined as I think I am I know there is no way that I would be in
the shape I am in before and after surgery without “coaching” from a fitness expert like Jeffery.  I recommend Jeffery to
all my friends and my daughter Lauren trains with Jeffery as a member here at Absolute.
Prior to him coming I would train where he was before (Even though I was a member at Absolute.)  Now I have the best of both
worlds! A professional trainer that really knows what he is doing along with one of the nicest fitness facilities I have been in.
When you come in the door all the staff is so friendly with a smile and a welcome greeting.  Paul the man who sees that
everything is all clean does a really great job.  The facility is well lighted, the equipment is 1 st  class!  That makes a big difference
on my mind and my muscles when the machines flow freely, smoothly maximizing my work-out and the entire facility is sparkling
clean! Wow!
Every member I have met here seems to feel just like I do.  I try to make Absolute Fitness the 1 st part of my morning 5 days a
week with the enthusiasm of both employees and members they set the tone and gives me that feel good attitude that carries me
throughout the rest of day!

Alan Cosby

In May of 2016 on Memorial Day Al walked to the mailbox and could not take a breath. Knowing something was wrong he drove
himself to the emergency room and after testing showed 3 blocked arteries, he would immediately need open heart surgery. Al
had surgery on Thursday and by Monday with Fran by his side he assured his doctors that he would make a complete lifestyle
change and change his unhealthy habits of eating bad foods and drinking. Al says “Exercise and diet go together and Exercise
is not negotiable.”
We love to hear from Al and Fran when they said “the motivation we find at Absolute Fitness is Incredible…we can’t wait to get
here. We do not dread coming to the gym. You actually care about your members.”

Al has lost a total of 115 pounds and Fran works out with trainer Stacey Garmon who works on improving balance, strength and
keeping her toned through functional training. They both are thriving and are very dedicated to their new lifestyle and have even
created a cookbook “From Our Kitchen – Heart Healthy Recipes”

I began APT classes in October of 2016 and this quickly became a regular part of my week. I had participated in various classes
before as well as done workouts on the elliptical and other machines. While doing these activities I never got lasting results until I
began with APT.
I have always considered myself active as I have officiating high and college basketball for over 25 years. Over the years I had
gained a few unneeded pounds and could never really get them to come off until starting APT. When I began APT I quickly
realized that I wasn’t in as good of shape as I thought. I was 46 at the time and thought I could still do everything like I was 18
again. As I got into APT I began to see a difference in my strength and my flexibility. Most importantly I began to see those
extra pounds come off.
Around Thanksgiving of 2016 I realized how much APT was helping me and I made a commitment to attend at least twice per
week. Since that time the results have been outstanding. Along with APT, I attended other classes such as Strong and spin. Both
of these added to the results that I was experiencing. Along with exercise, I began to become conscious of my diet as I wanted
experience maximum results.
When I officiate games I can now move much better with around 15 pounds that are now gone. Overall, I feel the best that I have
ever felt as a now 47 year old. Many people have commented on the weight that I have lost and this makes me want to work
harder. My pants don’t fit as snugly now and have to tighten my belt a little more which is an awesome feeling! APT and the other
classes have helped me to do this.
Ryan Condy, Amanda Martinez and the other instructors are all amazing! They have been a great help and encouragement.
I would recommended APT and the other classes to others. It only takes a commitment of a little time however the benefits will
far outweigh the time spent!

Al and Fran Andrepont

Being from Louisiana and fully understanding how to enjoy cajun cookin’, Al Andrepont was never a naturally thin man. Out of
high school Al was 236 pounds with a 54 inch chest and 36 inch waist. Fast forward 40 years, 2 packs a day of cigarettes and 3
children, Al continued to enjoy Cajun cooking at every family dinner or gathering, Cajun cook-offs and community service events
where cooking for someone was part of the southern hospitality and a way to share evenings and weekends with family and
friends. With all of that fun and hospitality can come with a price when you are not giving any attention to your health. Al was up
to 342 pounds and a 54 inch waist and thought he was bullet proof because he felt great.
Fran had experienced several traumatic events in her life including being in a mentally unhealthy marriage and at her heaviest
weight of 180 pounds. After putting everyone else first for over 20 plus years Fran realized she needed to make a change and
change she did. As Fran says “ I built a new person” through eating very well and exercise, being happy with a new career and
putting herself first for the first time in her life.
In 1996 Al met Fran…you could say this testimony might be a bit of a love story and it is but it is also about two unhealthy people
loving each other and life enough to make a huge change in their lives to be healthy and fit again.

Lane Sitz

Once clocking in at 470 pounds, Lane Sitz of Gadsden used a combination of exercise, surgery and
lifestyle changes to lose 250 pounds.

In 2014, Lane Sitz was 40 years old, working at an unfulfilling job. He weighed a staggering 470 pounds.
The Gadsden resident had struggled with his weight since he was a child.
"If you name the diet, I have probably gone through it," he said. "I've spent thousands of dollars to lose
the weight, but I would simply lose it and regain it all over again."
His weight fluctuated into adulthood as he tried diet after diet. When his mother died, he gained an
additional 100 pounds on top of the 350 he already weighed.
"I felt miserable and found it difficult to complete simple tasks such as tying my shoes or putting on a
seatbelt in the car, or even taking a shower," he said. "I didn't want to die young and I knew I needed to
make a serious change if I wanted to get healthy."

Everything – from work to vacation – was difficult and taxing.

"I was tired of having to be restricted in everything I did, including but not limited to clothes shopping,"
said Sitz, who at that time wore pants with a size 60 waist. "I always knew I was not meant to be an
overweight man. Something screamed in me daily for a change."

For over 3 years I was a member of a beginner gym. I was not being challenged at all in my workouts.  I
felt it was time to find a new home to workout in. After coming and using a day pass at a Absolute I was
sold!  This gym and its staff has given me the challenge that I needed to get to the next level!  I am doing
things that I never thought I would be able to do!  I am so grateful to have access to a place that has
helped to completely change me!
Absolute Fitness, you’re the best!!

Now Lane weighs 220 pounds and feels like a brand new man!!